Alliston, Ontario, Canada

Essential Worker

After I split up with an abusive partner in 2017, I got my life together, found a job and emigrated to Canada, met someone and we are happily married, I started work for both the Canadian and British government and until Covid hit was very happy, had a full life, but when Covid happened, both my sister and I got it.


We were told to stay at home and isolate, we were both key workers but they had already had an outbreak at our workplace, but when Justin Trudeau got it also, life was difficult. we always thought we could carry on working especially with restrictions in place but that wasn't to be.

My sister was part of my bubble and so I stayed with her for quite some time.

When we fell ill, I missed my husband a lot and my son's and grand children also, and I couldn't get to see them.


My sister being so much older, got it first and she couldn't lie in bed, because every time she tried, she was coughing up blood, previously we had been told to stay at home and isolate and quarantine for 14 days but when I saw how ill she really was, I panicked and called our private healthcare, tried to explain to them, they said the same as government.


This was in the early days of the virus and I know it was in both countries before the end of 2019.

My sister died February 2nd 2020, the day she was born and I still can't believe she has gone due to the very people who wouldn't help, the people we worked for.




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I am dreading coming out of lockdown. I found life hard in the pre-Covid normal and I don't want to go back to it. I especially dread having to go back into face to face networking, which my work demands. I hate being looked past, looked through, manpslained at, talked at, talked over, ignored, and snubbed. I wish I could stay by myself at home and just communicate on the internet.

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Healthcare Worker

I am concerned to notice rising intolerance & prejudice during this difficult time of pandemic. There is increase racism, numerous complaints ( true & falsified) by hospital staff ( clinical & non-clinical) against black & Asian clinicians. London publication headline “ THERE ARE 2 PANDEMICS HAPPENING IN UK - COVID & RACISM”. There is little support for people subjected to domestic abuse during lockdown. To reduce the impact of the pandemic, what we need is the opposite ie unity, tolerance & kindness. A lot of doctors are actively planning to retire early or returning to India & East Europe.


we need to oppose all kinds of prejudices eg sexism, racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, nazism Etc. We need more awareness of Unconscious/ Implicit bias.


we can rebuild a prosperous future in a short period if we work together using the plethora of innovation developing so fast.


kind regards


a UK Medical doctor

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A small thing. I hate that I can't see my colleagues. One made a comment that annoyed me today and instead of being able to discuss it like rational adults I'm sitting here fuming.


The isolation is a magnifying glass that makes tiny irritations look like giants.

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Essential Worker

Thank you to the lovely lady who's letter is below, you do a great job at CSO, your genorosity is always appreciated......Respect.



In a time when many are dealing with anxiety and fear over a new disease with no cure available, comfort can come in the form of spiritual wellness. Spiritual health is a domain of Total Force Fitness that focuses on beliefs and practices. The goal is to build connectedness through hope, meaning, and purpose. Spiritual caregivers me included help people nurture that connectedness. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic when physical proximity is limited, I and others are getting creative with how we offer spiritual support.


There’s so much from our spiritual traditions that assume an in-person connection. To suddenly be in an environment where the way we operate has changed so radically and realize that the way to care for patients is actually to maintain a distance is a real shift in how we deliver care.

As spiritual caregivers, we are tasked to find creative ways to nurture.

We are hopeful that in the absence of physical touch there can be a different, transcendental touching of the spirit instead.

This is a really good time to look outside of oneself to see how that fear can be overcome. There's a lot of wisdom from a lot of different spiritual traditions that I think one can find in a time like this.


We can all help one another to reach that consequential state of mind and soul by simply asking what it is that gives you meaning and purpose in life, and encouraging each other to do just that.



Pastor (Cmdr.), Former Navy chaplain - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Shrewsbury, shropshire

Healthcare Worker

Well guys, we've nearly been a year with covid-19. Just wow!

Looking back, i have had some special times made with my children this year. Being in lockdown has bought us all alot closer together, we have all made more time for each other. We have enjoyed the days out walking, and nights spent playing games.


Being a key worker, my children have had to continue at school so i can work.

Something which they have found very hard, due to friends not attending. But i think they have secretly been grateful for. It has kept their routine pretty similar to the norm, and they have been able to interact with people other than myself and my partner.


I am so very grateful for the teachers ensuring they are kept as safe as possible during these crazy times, and adapting to the "new school" days.


I am also grateful my children see us going to work everyday, and appreciate we are tired and exhausted wgen we return home.


But, keeling the talking around the dinner table, followed by a family fame each night keeps us sane. Planning a nice walk and movie each weekend, is keeping us sane. The small moments we catch up with family when lockdown allows & via Internet is so special now, when once was taken for granted.


Stay humble everyone, appreciate what you have 😍

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Healthcare Worker

Wear correct masks, not face coverings. Correct masks, are N95 or N99 or particle masks by 3M.

Face coverings will not keep you protected or stop your own particles from spreading.

UK citizens need to listen to their militsiya and do what they say.

I read stories on news of people getting fined for going out of local jurisdiction, feeling shocked when Pm has made law.

It's preposterous!!

Do what they say, then R number will drop, ease of lockdown will begin, but stop being selfish!!

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Isle of Wight

Essential Worker

Hi everyone,


I feel so exhausted, can't stay awake, get up feeling tired and go to bed even more.

All of us key workers are doing the best we can with as little as we have, but it's hard. and long days.

I was asked to go over to the mainland to help in London Hospitals, the cases there are very very high.

The sooner more people take the vaccine's the better, but i don't know how long we can last.

Everyone is incapacitated.


I've started to pray, we all need to pray no matter what faith we are.


Better Days ....

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United Kingdom


covid 19 negatively impacted my life. I am a financially independent person and with work being shut since the first lockdown my income has been very low. I understand that the furlough scheme was put in place to support us but it's not enough. On top of that I am a btec student who has been put at a disadvantage from other students. The government announced A level exams would be cancelled but didn't say anything about btecs. At this stage I was very anxious and nervous about the outcome of my grades so I stayed up revising non stop only for the government to announce that btecs would be cancelled with less that a weeks notice. I was relived but at the same time panicked because I don't want my grades to be based on my dedication to online learning as I find it very difficult to understand work over online lessons. I just hope that the grade I am awarded is fair and accurate so I have a chance at attending university. I strongly believe that if the government had been more vigilant and strict at the start of the pandemic then maybe we wouldn't be in this situation now as many other countries have been able to rid their citizens of the virus. Another thing I want to point out is how unjust boris johnson has been over the course of the pandemic, I am a Muslim and for us our eid was cancelled the night before and certain restrictions were set in place to ensure we couldn't celebrate, however boris allowed the restrictions to ease when Christmas came around ensuring families could meet and celebrate together. I am very disappointed with how the country is handling the pandemic. The government has not been able to protect us in this time of need.

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I started last year relishing the challenge of working from home in the first lockdown, creating enough work for myself, and helping the children with their education. It was actually enjoyable to see all the family so much. By May I was running out of work to keep me occupied and have always felt too guilty to skive off work and fill my time with my hobbies. So I devised work that required being at work and started spending my time planning and recording tutorial videos at work.


Summer came and seemed okay, except my wife started becoming more and more withdrawn into a fantasy game on her phone. She finally accepted that she was addicted to this and stopped playing after several months, but by then, she was spending all her time in constant chat with someone she met in the game. We even managed a week of family holiday camping, but she spent the entire week on her phone. She seems unable to stop this, and is constantly thinking of him and texting. I’ve lost my wife, and she has said she would rather keep him than me. The enforced lockdowns meant she was not getting any other social interaction, and she has descended into this fantasy world which she doesn’t want to leave.

I’m distraught. She is going to leave me and the children, all over something that is a pipedream.


Now we’re in Lockdown 3 and she’s still under the same roof but living separately: it is immensely stressful and upsetting. My poor children too are stuck at home.


My future lies in tatters, with only my children to focus my attention on, and they will both have flown the nest in 3 years’ time. How does a 48 year old rebuild their life?

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United Kingdom


I put myself down as a citizen, because although my job was technically considered key work, my workplace had to close. I work in childcare, we have now reopened on limited capacity. It's been an exhausting time for them and for us. Going into a job that requires you to be happy and put on a cheery face isn't easy. They're also some of the youngest children to be taught social distancing. However, they also pick up on more than most people give them credit for, they know something isn't right. The timing of the lockdown also caught us when we would be doing transition work with those leaving for school that year. I feel the ones starting school missed out on a lot this year, something which hasn't been covered as much as the (equally important) concerns of those leaving school. It's not been an easy time. Sometimes, it can help to know that someone else is struggling, too.

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Essential Worker

Dear World.

What a strange time this is. I feel incredibly lucky to be honest. My job is secure despite it being "front line" and at times scary because of lack of managerial direction. I live with my partner, just the two of us in a little house but in wonderful grounds. To be honest it's a bubble. I miss my son and my Grandpuppy who live 60 miles away and I am trying so hard not to dwell on the fact it could be months before I can see them, let alone hug them. If i dwell on this too long I can feel the tears pricking at my eyes.

I watch the news and feel anger, a real rage at our government who failed to protect the old and the vulnerable especially those in care homes. I still miss my mum who died nearly 25 years ago but I am glad in away she did not have to experience this.

I hope the world can recover but I am doubtful. The things that used to be important, the "must haves" are suddenly no more.

I am writing this because I want people to know that others do think about them. Take care and stay safe.

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