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Healthcare Worker

I am concerned to notice rising intolerance & prejudice during this difficult time of pandemic. There is increase racism, numerous complaints ( true & falsified) by hospital staff ( clinical & non-clinical) against black & Asian clinicians. London publication headline “ THERE ARE 2 PANDEMICS HAPPENING IN UK - COVID & RACISM”. There is little support for people subjected to domestic abuse during lockdown. To reduce the impact of the pandemic, what we need is the opposite ie unity, tolerance & kindness. A lot of doctors are actively planning to retire early or returning to India & East Europe.


we need to oppose all kinds of prejudices eg sexism, racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, nazism Etc. We need more awareness of Unconscious/ Implicit bias.


we can rebuild a prosperous future in a short period if we work together using the plethora of innovation developing so fast.


kind regards


a UK Medical doctor

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United Kingdom


My brother had a motorcycle accident last year that’s left him recovering from traumatic injuries. He’s back home, slowly recovering...but five months on from the accident and the wound to his ankle (where the bolt were inserted to hold the pin in place that’s holding his shattered leg together) still hasn’t healed. An infection has set in and it’s been steadily getting worse over the past few weeks. His GP and consultant have been quick to try to sort it out. He’s on antibiotics and the District Nursing Team had been visiting my brother every three days to clean and redress the wound.


However, just as the third wave of this pandemic peaked the District Nursing Team almost collapsed - 50% down on staff because of illness or self-isolation. Without doing a proper assessment they made the decision that because my brother was able to shuffle around he was then able to clean and redress his own wound.


The fractures to my brothers’ spine mean that he can’t flex his back. He requires physiotherapy and he can’t get that physiotherapy until the current lockdown is over, so bending down is impossible. Equally, until his injured leg is healed enough to cope with physiotherapy he can‘t yet bend it up enough to be able to reach his ankle in a sitting position.


So I’ve stepped up to the plate and have been cleaning and redressing his wound for him. I know how to do it with sterile dressing packs...even though I’m not a trained nurse. My brothers’ GP went ballistic when he found out what I was doing and I don’t blame him, but honestly, now is not the time for arguments. Nobody wants my brother to develop cepsis, or to lose his foot.


This pandemic has turned everything on it’s head and we’ve all had to think and work outside of what we used to think of as normal. We’re all having to step up to the plate and deal with things that we’re neither trained for nor experienced with.



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Lockdown has been such a challenge for me and I'm sure many others. However, when the days get long and I feel down... I try to remember that I am lucky. I have my good health and the privilege of being able to STAY AT HOME. Something, which are key workers are unable to do.


So I want this letter to be a thank you. Thank you to everyone staying at home and doing their bit. Thank you to every single key worker and every member of frontline staff. Your hard-work is appreciated by many. I hope better times are to come, I'm sure we will see the daylight in this year long dark night soon.

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Essential Worker

Thank you to the lovely lady who's letter is below, you do a great job at CSO, your genorosity is always appreciated......Respect.



In a time when many are dealing with anxiety and fear over a new disease with no cure available, comfort can come in the form of spiritual wellness. Spiritual health is a domain of Total Force Fitness that focuses on beliefs and practices. The goal is to build connectedness through hope, meaning, and purpose. Spiritual caregivers me included help people nurture that connectedness. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic when physical proximity is limited, I and others are getting creative with how we offer spiritual support.


There’s so much from our spiritual traditions that assume an in-person connection. To suddenly be in an environment where the way we operate has changed so radically and realize that the way to care for patients is actually to maintain a distance is a real shift in how we deliver care.

As spiritual caregivers, we are tasked to find creative ways to nurture.

We are hopeful that in the absence of physical touch there can be a different, transcendental touching of the spirit instead.

This is a really good time to look outside of oneself to see how that fear can be overcome. There's a lot of wisdom from a lot of different spiritual traditions that I think one can find in a time like this.


We can all help one another to reach that consequential state of mind and soul by simply asking what it is that gives you meaning and purpose in life, and encouraging each other to do just that.



Pastor (Cmdr.), Former Navy chaplain - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Shrewsbury, shropshire

Healthcare Worker

Well guys, we've nearly been a year with covid-19. Just wow!

Looking back, i have had some special times made with my children this year. Being in lockdown has bought us all alot closer together, we have all made more time for each other. We have enjoyed the days out walking, and nights spent playing games.


Being a key worker, my children have had to continue at school so i can work.

Something which they have found very hard, due to friends not attending. But i think they have secretly been grateful for. It has kept their routine pretty similar to the norm, and they have been able to interact with people other than myself and my partner.


I am so very grateful for the teachers ensuring they are kept as safe as possible during these crazy times, and adapting to the "new school" days.


I am also grateful my children see us going to work everyday, and appreciate we are tired and exhausted wgen we return home.


But, keeling the talking around the dinner table, followed by a family fame each night keeps us sane. Planning a nice walk and movie each weekend, is keeping us sane. The small moments we catch up with family when lockdown allows & via Internet is so special now, when once was taken for granted.


Stay humble everyone, appreciate what you have 😍

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Healthcare Worker

Wear correct masks, not face coverings. Correct masks, are N95 or N99 or particle masks by 3M.

Face coverings will not keep you protected or stop your own particles from spreading.

UK citizens need to listen to their militsiya and do what they say.

I read stories on news of people getting fined for going out of local jurisdiction, feeling shocked when Pm has made law.

It's preposterous!!

Do what they say, then R number will drop, ease of lockdown will begin, but stop being selfish!!

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Isle of Wight

Essential Worker

Hi everyone,


I feel so exhausted, can't stay awake, get up feeling tired and go to bed even more.

All of us key workers are doing the best we can with as little as we have, but it's hard. and long days.

I was asked to go over to the mainland to help in London Hospitals, the cases there are very very high.

The sooner more people take the vaccine's the better, but i don't know how long we can last.

Everyone is incapacitated.


I've started to pray, we all need to pray no matter what faith we are.


Better Days ....

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Wuhan, China

Healthcare Worker

Greetings World,


We are very happy that we have minimal infection here now.

And most of our communities are kind, caring and helpful to each other


So to people like a previous letter saying this :

( "Suffering, loneliness and hopelessness cannot be part of God's will. Jeremiah "I know the thoughts that I think toward, you saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil...'" )

from a UK citizen,


first of all not everyone believe's in your God and secondly,

try being kind, and offer words of support to people who are lonely, or feeling hopeless or suffering instead of belittling them, and saying they are evil. to feel this way. its not good will to say or think this.


Of course in China evil is no such thing, but we have studied other beliefs and faiths and see how you percieve evil and good.


As a final word, you will all see the lights in time, and come out of this stronger nations.

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Essential Worker

Hi all


When it was bad in my country and I was on the front line, people were helping others a lot more than usual.

It was like it was decades ago, when people cared, and showed it. where people helped strangers, without expecting anything back. In these modern times, the world is so selfish, and does not care about others so until Covid 19 came about, this is how it was. In this bad time, there are ltitle blessings to be noticed. When we all pull together and help each other, we will see good and amazing results.

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The news is exhausting. It makes my heart hurt and my head think. I can't understand the COVID deniers and I can't understand the late implementation of lockdown. It all makes me weary. Lockdown may be just staying at home but the emotional toll of it can be as tiring as a days work.


I can't complain though because compared to the staff on the Frontline, my exhaustion is probably how they feel after a good nights rest at the moment.

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I just want the NHS staff to know how grateful everyone is for their hard work. I can't even begin to imagine how mentally challenging it must be.

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hey everyone, we know this is a tough time right now for everyone and being forced into isolation can take quite a toll on a person's mental wellbeing but we gotta understand that it's for the good of everyone and would greatly benefit the rest of the world in the long run. Apart from putting in efforts to reduce the spread of this virus, it's important that we look after our mental state as well and use the time we have at home to do more meaningful things or unmeaningful things like binge-watching Netflix for 10 hours, literally anything that keeps you entertained and comforted. there's no reason to think you should be doing exercises every day or working longer hours if it does not make you happy ❤️


We would like to express our appreciation to all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical care staff and everyone who supports patient care. Thank you for serving at the frontlines and risking your lives to save patients during this pandemic. We are grateful for the sacrifices you have made. Dedication and courage during this crisis have helped save countless lives and made significant improvement to the lives of many more. Once again, thank you for your heroic service to our nation.


To all the health care workers, most of us do not work in a setting where we’re exposed to risks and dangers daily, the way you are. Thanks you for your commitment and courage into helping those who are affected! Really appreciate your care and professionalism and your everyday efforts to keep the world safe !! :)


With Love~

Students from Queensway Secondary School Singapore.

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